By Robyn Lewis

By Robyn Lewis

Being a student in Sheffield allows you to have the freedom and opportunity to experience Sheffield like no one else can. From a quick glance, Sheffield may not seem to have a lot, but it’s by exploring the city, you find all the hidden treasures that there are.

I googled ‘university students’ to see what images would come up; students studying was the top one, the next being students clubbing. Obviously, studying is important, as you have come here for your degree. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire time in the library. And if clubbing is what you like, there are a few decent places (although I am not a clubbing person, so I’m not the best person to ask), but I don’t think you would have used your time well if it’s all clubbing and recovering. So what does that leave for you to do in Sheffield?

My first bit of advice is to simply walk. Walk around Sheffield and see what you can find. As a student, we are blessed with time. I don’t know about some courses, as they can vary, but I know a lot of courses (especially in first year) leave you with a chunk of free time, with no lectures, in the week. So don’t waste them, but use them to explore the city that you have chosen as home for the next few years.

As for things to do, there are a few things that I think are pretty vital to experiencing Sheffield at it’s best…

Coffee shops- Sheffield has so many great coffee shops, and I’m not talking about your normal Starbucks and Costa. I’m talking about either smaller chains or individual little places; Tamper, Steam Yard, Couch, Lucky Fox (you get a donut with your milkshake!). Ask anyone at Philly and they (we) would love to take you to one of these places!

Food- Food is a big thing. Especially as a student, and there are so many amazing places to try in Sheffield. Food of different ethnicities are also amazing, as it opens you up to more than mac ‘n’ cheese and Bolognese! Try these places; The Greedy Greek, Street Food Chef, Indian Dosa.

Outdoors- You may be living in a city, but Sheffield is right next to the peak district! You can take a bus for £1 and you’ll be in the peaks. So many people don’t take advantage of this, but it is worth it! There is so much to see. There are also parks throughout the city to explore, plus a hidden bear pit in one of them.

It is so easy to come to university and get so caught up in studies or Netflix that we waste our time where we are. I have friends who constantly say they are bored in Sheffield, but if you step outside and just walk, you’ll honestly be amazed by what you can find.

You chose this city, so go and discover why it was a good choice. Don’t waste the opportunity you have as a student.