Freshers’ week is a great way to start your adventure at uni here in Sheffield and we’d love to meet you and welcome you into our family!

We’re planning events around Sheffield for you to join us – they’re great opportunities to connect with other students, have fun and get to know the city you’re coming to.

2019/2020 Freshers’ events

Coffee Anyone?

Sheffield is renowned for it's incredible coffee shops and we'd love to treat you to a hot or cold drink once you've arrived in this wonderful city. We'd love to answer any questions you may have about the city, get to know you better and briefly share more about what we get up to at Philadelphia Students.


Fancy a lift?


We know that getting to church in a new city isn’t always easy, so let us make it less complicated!  Members of our team will be doing weekly pick up’s as a part of the CU church searches from different locations around the city and dropping you off right at the front door. Watch out for people wearing our Philly student t-shirts.

Sheffield Hallam

Pick up: Hubs (Student Union) at 10am

Uni of Sheffield

 Pick up: Outside the Edge (Endcliffe Student Village) at 10am

Freshers' tips