Households, Communities & Celebrations



Households, Communities & Celebrations


Living as family is so important to us. We believe that everyone needs a place to belong, to be loved, supported, challenged and encouraged as we learn to be more like Jesus. We also believe that we are called to be missionaries together, and we work this into our natural rhythm of life and our relationships with those around us (friends, course-mates, family, and colleagues).

Family for us is built in 3 key areas. Household, Community and Celebration. We have tried to replicate the model of family Jesus had around him. He had his 3 disciples (household), his 12 (community) and his 72 (celebration). 

Discipleship (following Jesus) and Mission (reaching out to those around us) are at the heart of whatever we do. As a family, we look for the opportunities in our week where we already connect with people, and take Jesus to them through relationship – this isn’t something we have to do, but we get to introduce Jesus to those he’s placed around us.



Households are small family groups that naturally form around something people have in common or do together, with both Christians and Non-Christians. Maybe you all go to the local pub together on a weekly basis, or meet for a meal before going to the cinema, or you might play in a sport team together. Whatever that looks like, there are natural opportunities to develop relationships and get to know each other, and even speak about our faith.

Households are a great way of being who God has called us to be, in a way that naturally points those we spend time with towards Christ. Check out all of our amazing Households below.


Communities are when a few households gather together once a month to spend time together being invested in by our student families. A mid-sized group between Household and Celebration, Community looks like spending time at the student family's homes where we will eat together, worship and hear God's word, pray for one another and have plenty of fun.

Communities happen once a month and are led by our student Families. 


Celebrations are when we gather all together as one big extended family and simply celebrate. What does that look like? It’s eating, laughing, having fun, and sharing stories from Households and our everyday lives. It’s worshiping, praying, hearing a word and enjoying being in God’s presence together.

Celebrations happen formally once a month, but that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate when we’re not all together in the same place. As is standard with family, there are often lots of different things happening that aren’t formally organised, and we encourage you to do things as a family together, with or without the team. When we organise something that isn’t part of the standard rhythm, you’ll be able to find it on the event page.



Pool & Pint

Led by: Joel Hamer & Luke Lon
Tuesdays 7:30-10pm
Bar One - Sheffield Uni Students Union
Contact: Message Joel or Luke on FB

Welcome to Pool & Pints, a brand new household for 2017 centered on a love for beer, billiards and the bible. We accidentally began a fellowship based upon Will Ferrell movies and frozen food around a year ago, and the group has grown from two friends to eight or so boys chilling out together on a weekly basis. It's allowed us to strengthen our faith by giving us a solid group of mates we know we can rely on. This is not a group specifically tailored for boys, we'd love to have everyone and anyone as part of our household. We also partake in various other social activities including football, films and our burgeoning rap careers... We're all about investing in our friends that don't know Jesus and each other in growing together in the directions that God is calling us in and providing accountability over cold pint of Peroni.


Nacho Night

Led by: Lydia, Nicole & Esther
Tuesdays 6:30pm
Contact: Lydia Price via FB

We will be meeting on Tuesdays at 18:30 for Nacho Night! We want to create an environment that you can welcome any of your friends into, building genuine friendships that go beyond a Tuesday night. We recognise a lot of our friends coming have their own opinions about Jesus and what they think Christianity means so it’s a great opportunity to value their experiences and thoughts but most importantly share and show who Jesus really is in a way that isn’t judgmental or forceful. As Christians we’d also love to spend time once a fortnight praying for our friends who don’t yet know Jesus. We think this is an important step if you want to see God work in your friends lives. We’re excited as most of our friends are attracted by the sense of community that we have as a church so it’s a great opportunity to invite them into this. If you think you’d want to join us we’d absolutely love to have you. PS. Nicole makes an incredible guac…putting the holy into holy moley guacamole.


Food & Film

Led by :Anna Price & Alice Piggott
Tuesdays 7pm
Contact: Message Anna or Alice on FB

We are both very passionate about two things: food and films! Our household will therefore consist of these two things, and undoubtedly lots of chatting and laughing together. We both love people and spending time getting to know them. Our household will be meeting two Tuesday evenings a month, we will be eating tea together followed by a lengthy debate about what film to watch...and then finally, actually watch it. Once every two months or so we will head out to the cinema as a group as well. We want this to be a safe place for you to invite your non Christian friends along to on a regular basis. If all of the above appeals to you, JOIN US



Led by: Helena Ritter
Fridays 2-4pm
Victoria Halls
Contact: Message Helena Ritter on FB

We'll be going to Conversation Club each Friday afternoon from 2-4pm at Victoria Hall in the city centre. Conversation Club is jointly run by Sheffield Refugee Friendship Group and Student Action for Refugees (STAR). It was set up as a place for refugee and asylum seekers to practice their English and learn more about life in England, through orientation + cultural input but also just be a place of welcome and friendship and fun. It is such an amazing opportunity to get to know people from all around the world, to listen to the stories of and understand more of what it is to be a refugee or asylum seeker, and just build friendships really. No experience or training is needed to be a volunteer so all are welcome to come get involved! We want this to be a place where we can all invite our friends that don't know Jesus to come and join us.(We will probably also go to the pub afterwards every so often if we fancy it.)


International Food, Chat & Board Games

Led by: Bastian Saputra
Tuesdays 7-9pm
Glossop Road
Contact: bastiansaputra@gmail.com

In this household, we are going to invite friends that are passionate about experiencing foods from around the world. We are trying to cook different types of food from different countries every time we meet (dinner time). After that we will have time for chatting or playing board games. Our heart is to make our friends feel relaxed and loved as a family. We will create opportunity to chat about how their days have been or if they want to share any problems in Uni life so we could give encouragement or support and pray for them! In the next meeting we are expecting to see how God is working through our prayers. We will meet every other Tuesday evening at 7-9 pm. The location will be at my home in Glossop Road (near the Diamond or IC building), but we also try to go out hiking or head to the pub once in every one or two months.


Ultimate Frisbee

Led by :Zarah Dixon & Rob Wright
Multiple Times
Sheffield University
Contact: Message Zarah Dixon on FB

This year Rob and I will be running a household based around the Ultimate Frisbee club at UoS. We are passionate about sport and want God to be at the heart of the club. This is a great opportunity to build strong relationships with Christians and non-Christians in the group. Although it is not essential for you to make every training, a certain level of commitment would make a big difference. We train Mondays 9-10pm; Wednesdays 2-4pm; Thursdays (experienced players training) 6.30-8pm and Sunday 5-7pm. Additionally, we often have tournaments at weekends, again this is a great opportunity to really get to know those in the club. If you love sport and love God this could be the household for you!


Drinks & Club Mission

Led by Kat Wade
Tuesdays 7:30pm & Occasional Saturday's
Contact: Message Kathryn Wade on FB

Our household has two parts. The first is the actual household which is on a Tuesday evening. In our household we will be meeting up and having drinks at pubs or bars. Every so often we will go out and invite our friends to 'pre drinks' but we will not go out every week! So it will be drinks at someone's house, or at a bar. We will also go to Philly’s prayer room to worship, pray, read the bible and chat as girls.

The second part is our club mission at pop tarts on a Saturday evening. Poptarts is a club night, and with the union, we have a 'time out zone' within the club, where we hand out water, chat to people and being a friendly face. You, as an individual, won't be doing it every week and we will take it in turns around your schedule.

We are passionate about bringing people together over a drink, revival through nights out, and growing to be more like Jesus together as a group of girls.


Food & Board Games

Led by Nick & Mary Wastie
Tuesdays 6:30-9:30pm
Contact:  Mary: 07570 813065 or Nick: 07484 690031

Dinner with some thankfulness and when we feel people are comfortable, prayer, all followed by games and conversation!
On the 2 weeks we don't have Tuesday household – an afternoon visit to Treehouse Café on a day that best suits the group.
Once a month Sunday lunch (first one 22/10) for the Christians to spend time in God's presence, pray for each other, prophesy over each other and remember we’re rooted in the father.